DISTINCTION was founded by the group responsible for NAILS R US AB, a team of dedicated Swedish professionals with expertise in a number of different business areas. Since 2003 NAILS R US AB had worked with other brands on the European market, but as none of the suppliers lived up to our demands regarding product quality, range, marketing etc., we decided to create our own brand, and DISTINCTION saw the light of day in 2008.

Our vision is to offer a concept with the market’s best and safest products and comprehensive and accessible support.  We have brought the enormous experience and knowledge we have gathered over the years into DISTINCTION and, as we have also engaged world-class expertise, we have now produced our own series of products.


Both nail technicians and clients are becoming increasingly aware of possible risks with the products they use, for themselves, their clients and, not least, the environment. There is also a clear trend for products that don’t contain substances that can be harmful or cause allergies. Just as the products should be safe, so it is also important that they maintain a high standard.


DISTINCTION has devoted a good deal of time and resources into finding pure and safe raw materials of the very best quality and, together with some of the world’s foremost researchers in the field, we have produced products based on biocompatible raw materials with low toxicity that comply with the demands for Medical Grade, whilst the quality is the best possible. Our products build on the latest research concerning raw materials, production technology as well as environmental and health aspects. DISTINCTION is one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly nail systems on the market and we believe is also one of the best. DISTINCTION products are manufactured in our own laboratories in Sweden and fulfil all EU demands. No products are tested on animals.


We have realised that YOU, as a client and user of our products, are very important for how successful DISTINCTION can be. Your feedback and your points of view are important to us when we further develop our concept. Apart from the highest possible product quality, our most important aim is to ensure that you are satisfied with us and our products and get them to work optimally. Only then can you be the ambassador for DISTINCTION that we very much want you to want to be. That is why we will do everything in our power so you feel you are working with the best products on the market and we attach great value to your views of how we can improve.