unique gels from Sweden

hard wearing • non-toxic • easy to use and file 

Modelling Gels

UV/LED hard gel systems for:

• Extensions, sculptures
and overlays

•  Incredibly strong yet
light to wear

•  Non-toxic, odourless,

•  Easy to file and won’t lift or chip

(Hard Gel)

UV/LED hard gel colours

•  Over 50 MIXABLE colours

•  Exceptionally hard wearing 

•  Use on fingers and toes

•  Ideal fo nail art

Soak-Off Gel

UV/LED soak-off gel colours

•  140 colours plus

•  Base Coat  • Top Coat

•  Ultra Gloss Wipeless Top Coat

• Re-Construction Soak-Off Builder


• Tips

• Tools

• Files

• Brushes

• Lights

Developed in Distinction’s own laboratories in Sweden, keeping high product quality is among the most important things for us… to ensure that you, our customer, are satisfied and our products work perfectly.

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more about our gels

Distinction products are designed for use by fully trained nail technicians.

Three Step Hard Gels
Best suited for extensions, sculptures and overlays.



Features a base CONNECTION (bonding) gel with double adhesion effect that retains the other products on the natural nail. It does not penetrate into the natural nail and does not damage the nail surface.



A CONSTRUCTION builder gel that can be used with forms, on tips or on natural nails. It does not run, but remains in place so you can sculpt exactly as you like. Various transparent and semi-transparent shades of pink are available in the Distinction range.



A finishing PROTECTION gel that seals the natural nail and gives a glossy shine. The natural nail is protected, preventing moisture and bacteria from penetrating and causing problems. The Distinction range offers PROTECTION in Clear, Clear Pink and Stardust (transparent with fine silver glitter).


Coloration (Hard Gel Colours)

55 mixable colour gels to achieve the perfect shade and finish. Light to wear but extremely hard wearing on fingers and toes!
Non Toxic, odourless, hypo-allergenic, easy to file and won’t lift or chip.5

One Step Hard Gels 

One & Only

A self-levelling one-step product for use on overlays, tips or on natural nails. Ideal for quick and easy in-fills.
Available in Clear, Clear Pink and Super French



Soak-Off Gels


A clear self-levelling builder gel that dissolves easily in pure acetone. Use it under RE-SOLUTION colours to create stronger nails or transparent nails.


Re-Solution (gel colour)

Over 150 colours, easy to apply, easy to remove. Perfect for feet too. The ideal solution for perfect nails! Gentle like a polish, strong and shiny like a gel. Enjoy glossy colours that last up to 3 weeks without chipping or smudging. Does not damage the natural nail. No filing before or after application. Can be used on natural nails as well as on artificial nails. With Base Coat, Gloss Top Coat and Ultra Gloss Wipeless Top Coat ideal for use with powders or glitters etc.


Train with us

Distinction products are designed for use by fully trained nail technicians. We offer comprehensive beginner training and half day  conversion courses for competent nail technicians.  We can give you the education and confidence to use this product successfully, create beautiful nails, and start earning straight away.

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